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i just see people telling HOCD or for the matter, OCD is its


i just see people telling HOCD or for the matter, OCD is itself chronic. What do they mean by this? i can see my anxiety going down . Wont it go away fully and still remain or what?

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Sep 11

I've never been completely recovered.... But, there are times when the symptoms are definitely worse.. there is usually one week a month where the cycle intensifies

Sep 11

so how long are you suffering from OCD and when did you start recovery?

Sep 16

It’s true. We are prone to catastrophize every thought we don’t like. Because everyone gets unwanted thoughts from time to time, it’s just that a healthy mind will forget it in a bit, and we OCD folks will feel so threatened that we will ruminate on this subject and have anxiety fits and such.
It’s really sad and unfair but I guess no one chooses their brain and it could be worse.
What it means practically is that rather than freeing yourself from one particular nasty thought you should concentrate on learning how to cope in general. Because new awful thoughts definitely WILL arise. It’s just the question of being ready and knowing how to let them go.


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