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I feel like this group has become reassurance it’s not a g


I feel like this group has become reassurance it’s not a good healthy way to live if you want help look professional I may be able to help but I won’t give reassurance, proper CBT

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@Holla2312 true that. But how do I stop myself.

Jan 13

@Worriedallthetime by accepting uncertainty and anxiety I feel so bad but trust me accept it run towards those thoughts of fear


@Holla2312 today the feelings feel super real. Super super real. That I "WANT" to be lesbian . I never had thoughts like these before HOCD. But I'm feeling like I've faked all my crushes (guys) and like it's weird. I'm also having no anxiety over my thoughts. Just feeling bleh but weird. Like depressed, anxious, unexplainable feelings. :(


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