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I don't understand what's wrong? I'm trying to confront the

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I don't understand what's wrong? I'm trying to confront the homosexual thoughts in my mind but in the end, I end up with even worsen OCD, which means that I don't even get the thoughts but constant anxious feeling and being not able to purposely make the OCD thoughts to come out. Always a doubt.. but how to start confronting the fears without a doubt (or the fear of failure)?

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Dec 6

Maybe if you accept that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual you can think about it more clearly. It's ok if your gay or straight so just be whatever you want to be. Even if you can't tell anyone, there's no need to keep secrets from yourself. It's your life and your choices. And you can always change your mind. I knew someone who was married, decided they were gay and got divorced, and then they changed their mind, married again and is completely happy. Sexual orientation is not an absolute thing and there is no hurry to define yourself by one category or another.

Dec 7

@hgtmpb this is an ocd group, telling people that it is okay to be gay generally does not help those suffering with this condition because they already know this rationally.

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Dec 13

I know it's okay to be gay,my younger brother is gay, many friends of mine are gay and I am okay with that. I just have irrational feelings, urges and thoughts about gay stuff. I don't mind even being gay, but I just want to end the bad feelings and feel rational again. I doubt or I just don't know how to become committed and accept these thoughts. I feel like OCD has banned me to accept the thoughts. And even trying to accept the fact that I can't/don't know how to accept isn't helping. I'm in this situation already couple of months. Just constant bad feeling and inability to live normally


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