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How many of you engage in pornography?


How many of you engage in pornography?

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Nov 10

@de- actually, watching porn as an hocd related compulsion does not cause desensitization. A person with hocd will fear they are gay, and consequently watch gay and straight porn to see if it turns them on. They are checking to see what they respond to in order to determine their orientation. A person who is fearing they are gay, may not respond to straight porn due to ANXIETY, not desensitization. An hocd sufferer may experience a groinal response to gay porn, but will fear it is arousal when in fact it is not. Hocd sufferers who are straight, can still be genuinely aroused by straight porn when anxiety levels are lower.


I started getting into watching porn when i was i think 12-13. It was fetish porn though. Not the regular straight porn but it was straight fetish, it only consisted of females because it was stuff i would like a woman to do to me. Anyways, i watched porn through out high school for 4 years, i was and still am addicted, the thing is though i could feel arousal whenever i saw a beautiful girl with a nice butt and boobs in real life! I never questioned my orientation or attraction to woman but im not going to lie when i said i wasnt interested in hanging out with or starting a relationship because i didnt want one until i was more mature but starting this year after graduating and had nothing to do or think about all summer was . And the thought "im gay" came up and my attraction to females vanished from there and im only finding guys attractive now and getting constant arousal and now im worried and confused asf. Wtf.. so now im trying to quit porn, but idk if it was porn induced or not but i dont think it was but regardless im trying to quit no matter how hard it is. I have failed so far though.

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Nov 23

@de- I was on a week streak of no fap but the second I indulged back into that stuff my head started spinning and the thoughts came back


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