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Hi there again. Mr. Anxiousboi here with another update on h


Hi there again. Mr. Anxiousboi here with another update on how life progresses after your HOCD behaves after you start feeling better. If you feel interested you can read my past posts.

I am going to start this off with saying that there might never be a future where your thoughts are completely gone. There are going to be less of them, of course! As the connections you're making in your head during this period of your life gradually decline, there will be less thoughts. But when you are at your darkest points in life, where you are the most confused, feeling like you no longer understand yourself, the thoughts will come back. It is very easy to fall back into it, because you are not used to it. "opposite of heaven", I've (profanitiy not allowed) done goofed. I fought back for a while now because I have simply lacked the mind to just accept the thoughts as just thoughts. But you need to remember that there will be a better time when the thoughts are gone.

I promise all of you reading this that you will be okay. It might seem dark (or "rainbow" if jokes are appreciated), but there really is a life after the anxiety. You might feel like ending it all, that being dead would be preferable. But things always get better. Because you are a human, and humans are survivors. We fix what can't be fixed. We adapt and change. You will be okay, and I believe in you.

To top this off, I would like to share something I wrote one dark evening 2 months ago that might help a little:
Life is not always worth living. Sometimes your entire world gets turned upside down in just a day. Sometimes you just sit there, with the will to do, but not the power to do it. Sometimes this goes on for months, and you get tired of it. But just because it isn't worth living, doesn't mean that its' not worth preserving. There is always a moon behind that cloud of darkness.

If anyone feels like they want to talk then I'll be on here for around 24 hours or so. I've noticed in the past that this place isn't too good for my mental health :)

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CKBlossom's picture
May 26

Thank you for being such a means of support in this group!

SimonaAlex's picture
May 26

Thank you so much. I know for sure that those thoughts won't bother me anymore. Take care, dear.


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