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hi i know this page is mostly for those are suffering from h

hi i know this page is mostly for those are suffering from hocd but I'm the girlfriend of a guy with hocd for about over a year or so and it's become very difficult for not only him but myself to deal with him and I'm trying very hard to be supportive and what not but it often leads to me feeling upset and insecure myself as i have my own issues too such as anxiety and bad self esteem issues. any advice for someone trying to help the one they love with hocd?


I'm so glad you found us! Welcome :) I would definitely suggest going to counseling together. A therapist could help you both identify ways to cope with your boyfriend's HOCD. I can imagine this is not an easy thing to deal with, and good for you for being so supportive. You're doing the right thing trying to learn more and be proactive. Big hugs!


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