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Hi guys, sorry for the double post, but I’m having a bad f

Hi guys, sorry for the double post, but I’m having a bad freak out. Does anyone else constantly question whether their therapist wrongly diagnosed them? Like you’ve said the right things so the therapist thinks you have OCD? I’m scared that maybe that’s me

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Jan 15

OCD makes you question everything, but you have to hold on and repeat the truth, over and over.

Jan 15

Yes! I used to obsess about that; that I was lying, that I tricked the therapist, that he just felt sorry for me, etc....

Jan 15

I think this sometimes when my OCD gets really bad. But I have had OCD since I was a very small child, and I wasn't formally diagnosed until a few months ago. This is all part of the OCD. OCD is also called "the doubting disease" because you are constantly questioning everything. Your therapist wouldn't have diagnosed you if you didn't have OCD.


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