Hey guys, my thoughts aren't giving me any anxiety at all to

Hey guys, my thoughts aren't giving me any anxiety at all today. Like at all. I ask myself, am I lesbian, am I bi, no anxiety? I can logically answer my questions. But my backdoor spike is acting up, no anxiety is giving me anxiety and again I'm checking mental scenarios in my mind that do I want to go down on a woman and stuff like that?
Then I start analysing everything sexual I've done with my boyfriend and I don't think I'd want to do it with a woman lmao. But all of it doesn't seem like a big deal tbh. But yeah, I'm anxious because I can't feel attraction for my boyfriend anymore. :(

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Feb 27

@Healingmyselfeveryday I believe you, it may "seem like a lie" but this is what HOCD wants from us, it wants us to seek certanties at all cost. there is a lot of pressure from society for us to be straight, since we are born. The ideia of being gay is frightening, because unconsciously we know how difficult it would be to face the prejudice. HOCD will endlessly put thoughts in our minds that make us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, like this one you're having now "my family doesn't want me to be gay"...until you're ok being vulnerable and accept this vulnerability. yes you can send me direct text.


@Luc my family doesn't have a problem with me being gay so yeah. But this can be a doubt.


@Luc you'll have to support me for it.


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