Hey guys, it's been awhile. I've been doing really great per

Hey guys, it's been awhile. I've been doing really great personally.
I feel like I'm the best I've been in almost a year..
But I did an unexpected brief little experiment last night/today and it had me open my eyes dramatically.
So this random person who I do not know added me on Facebook last night while I was at work.. He claimed they went to the same elementary school as I did (Nearly 20 years ago now)
I did not remember who this was at all, but apparently they remembered me. The next morning (today), since I was home from work, I checked the yearbook and yep that person was in my school, but not my grade, which makes it even more questionable.
Anyway turns out this person was checking in on how people he remembered were doing (or that's what he claimed to be doing) and then out of nowhere they said they had a "schoolboy crush" on me back then. I was completely caught off guard, and I was like wait what? huh?
Keep in mind to me this is a complete stranger who I literally have no idea who he is and do not recall ever meeting in person, and if i did it was nearly 20 years ago..
Anyway I thanked him the compliment, let the conversation continue as an experiment to see where it would go and what my OCD mind would do and if it would get me to do or say anything I'd regret.. Turns out NOTHING on my end happened. Why?
Because I control all my actions, at all times. This dude was constantly hitting on me being all straightforward and literally asking to do something sexual (really bizarre and completely random and out of nowhere, mind you), but like I was just saying thanks, and stuff like that, kinda did a few smileys here and there, at first didn't reject him and didn't accept at all, but I did let the conversation go a little) but ultimately the conversation got extremely weird when he asked to see pictures and that's when I blocked and ended all communication with the dude.
In conclusion, just be you and stay true to yourself. Let your mind do what it wants. You control everything in your life but your mind, so you should not fear your mind, ever.

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Wow, this is amazing.

Jan 20

how do i stop these constant anxiety thoughts? what did you do to improve there?


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