Hey guys! For anyone on meds how have they been working for


Hey guys! For anyone on meds how have they been working for you? I’ve been on Zoloft for about a week and I feel weird it feels like I am a lesbian/bi that I’m ok with it (even tho I’m not) but I feel weirdly empty like I’m not used to not feeling sm anxiety. I also keep throwing up after I take my meds (not always but either I get cramps or throw up) ik rn is the adjustment period sometimes I get really dizzy too. Does anyone with antidepressants feel immediately better?? Shouldn’t I feel straight by now??? Why do I feel lesbian? Maybe I just didn’t have ocd although 2 days ago I had an anxiety attack about cheating on my bf but yesterday I slept over at my friends house and kept getting thoughts of kissing her or doing things with her and I didn’t feel anxious I feel like I should’ve been more uncomfortable if I’m not lesbian :/

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Jan 14

I took that but had to get off of it. I was texting this guy I have never met and started to imagine myself having sex with him. I am a girl. But that is still wrong. I am on a new medication I have no idea what it is called


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