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Every time I see a girl I think is cute or hot I get a feeli


Every time I see a girl I think is cute or hot I get a feeling in my stomach and I don't know what that feeling is and the moment I do get it I say in my mind I'm not gay (I'm a guy btw). And its freaking me out since I don't know why I get a feeling in my stomach and it sucks since it feels like I am gay.

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Aug 3

@Arielbarnett1 Don't worry about that. Please be more careful next time.

Aug 4

You are experiencing a Blessing. God is putting a special woman in your life for you to seek after - and for you both to be a Blessing to each other. Women have wonderful attractive qualities like strong inner character, they love their boyfriends/husbands, they have heartfelt emotion for things that matter, among so many other good things. Ask a Pastor what is special about how God made us. You will be Blessed for it! Pray for clarity on your role as a man in this life. God Bless!

Aug 4

@Arielbarnett1 Its all right I have learned to not get triggered as much so it didn't cause me to freak out so you are all good


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