Does HOCD get better? Am I Gay?

Hey guys, Im writing on this group as a person who used to suffer with HOCD, and here are some methods I used to cope and get over it. Am I gay? What if I really want to be gay secretly? What if when I experimented with the same sex as a child thats what turned me gay? Am I attracted to him?...Sound familiar? First, I want to start out with the answer many of you are searching for, especially for those of you who are new to having HOCD. Yes, the initial shock of it all does go away and yes you really do forget how much pain and torture you suffered through. HOCD will hold on to every "gay" thought that has ever passed in your mind. Of course, you forget thats normal when your suffering. I suffered for 9 months before I came to terms with it. I had to immediately quit my job, and I couldnt go to college at all for the semester because it was so disabling. What the therapists say are true. Exposure therapy really is the way to go. With that being said, here is what led to my complete cure of it. If you are in a state that allows for it, I advise you to smoke marijuana medicinally. I am not a doctor. This is not a doctors advice. I am just a guy that has been to hell and back with HOCD an this is my story. A doctor will give you prescriptions that statistics show only have a maximum capacity to treat 30%-50% of your OCD. Well, why would you only want 30%-50% cure for OCD? Obviously the doctors dont know the real hell and complete torment of OCD, especially HOCD. Have you read the side effects of OCD medication? You might rather have OCD. As soon as I got over my HOCD it immediately switched to being obsessed with the universe, and how we got here, and whats my purpose and is there really a God? Now, as being a Christian all of my life when my brain tried to make me believe there wasn't a God I ALMOST spiked, until i realized that my OCD tried to switch themes. As soon as I didnt let that question spike me I realized that I had taken complete control of my OCD and my life turned back to normal almost immediately. I got all of my confidence back, and all of my attraction to women came back, (It is normal for your attraction to go away when you have HOCD, but don't worry this is just because of your high anxiety levels.) Now, OCD is an intense anxiety disorder. What do people do when they suffer with anxiety and depression? They smoke weed. They smoke it for a reason. I do not encourage you to smoke it recreationally because then it can interfere with your life.
Mary J is a cure for alot of things, including PSYCHOLOGICAL disorders, like you all have, and that I used to have. There is a different type of marijuana for every problem you have. If you want to cure anxiety perp is where its at. When I smoked this marijuana (loud), I felt my mind open up to a new level and I was aware of my surroundings but I felt like my soul was floating inside my body. This relieved every bit of my anxiety I had, and when it did I was able to search my mind for the truth and the real answer to my sexuality obsession. I started going over every way that I was straight and I noticed that after about a week of use my OCD symptoms had completely relapsed and the thoughts and proof that I was a straight guy started to "stick" in my brain, where they wouldnt before because of OCD. Now, I thought the purpose of OCD was to never let your thoughts stick in your brain, because when they don't thats what causes all of the distress. Does that mean I don't have OCD at all anymore? I sure feel like I don't. Don't ever let anyone tell you marijuana isn't a medicine. The only reason its illegal is because the govt makes a thousand different pills (for the same cure) to sell and makes millions and millions of dollars off a 30% cure to keep ppl sick, when the real cure is already out there but no one can access it because it is illegal. Open your eyes. I used to be very sick in the head, and now I'm not.
I used to have horrible anxiety about hurting myself, and hurting others, 2 suicide attempts, to obsessively thinking noone loves me, to obsessively thinking I was gay, to obsessively thinking that there was no God ETC ETC ETC.. Pardon my french, but f living like that. Cures are all about how much money the government can make off of you. They don't care about you. Thats why they made all of the natural true cures of the world illegal. I'm speaking the truth. You can call me a pothead if you want to. I call myself healed.

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Jun 6, 2015

even i have that, but when u give proper work to brain not body, try beliving in god... practically it will help.. ocd can make many threads but one day u will reach that age when u need not to be woried of these issues...

Aug 21, 2015

What is erp really my you give me so examples

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Aug 21, 2015



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