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Does anyone automatically wake up and just have constant tho


Does anyone automatically wake up and just have constant thoughts and anxiety??? Please insight? Is this normal?

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Nov 9

I am sorry your dealing with this. I've struggled with anxiety myself for years. Many people feel anxious at times, but ongoing anxiety is not likely to go away on it's own. Is it only at night you experience this? If it is more often it might be helpful to go speak with a counselor. Are you currently seeing a counselor? Another thing that can sometimes be helpful when your experiencing anxiety is to ground yourself by asking some questions like naming something you can hear, can smell or can touch. It may help bring you out of the anxious thought. If you'd like information about counseling I have a resource that might be helpful. Sending prayers your way!

hiyafrankie's picture
Nov 11

This has been my problem recently. You aren't alone!

Nov 12

I’ve read somewhere that often ocd symptoms are worse in the morning.


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