Anyone else have an “inner voice” that tells them that t

Anyone else have an “inner voice” that tells them that they’re gay/bi/lesbian and once the fear goes down, also feel sad that the thoughts are fading away? Once the fear goes down, it all feels so real? Why does the feeling of sadness feel so real especially when just a few weeks ago I was freaking out about these thoughts?

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@CKBlossom today I was online shopping and I don’t know why my mind was just forcing myself to look at the models or the females in the frame instead of the clothes and there was no anxiety. Like, I asked my grandmother if that was normal and she said yes sometimes the mind does that but it feels super weird to me. Does this happen?

Apr 11

@Healingmyselfeveryday looking at people's bodies doesnt mean you are gay...

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11 hours ago

@Healingmyselfeveryday Remember, even without HOCD we look at the models, that is normal regardless.


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