I went to today for a hiv test and the oral swab came back s


I went to today for a hiv test and the oral swab came back showing a positive reaction to something. I have to go back nxt wk for a full blood exam but I'm sure that I'm now hiv+. I was in shock andd still am slightly, I think I'm just pissed at myself because I've always been careful when it came to sex and can't believe I became careless and reckless. I hope this group will become a beacon of hope and strength for all of us and we can be there to help each other along our journeys

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Jan 29

Hi and welcome, did you get your results yet?

Jan 30

Well I just got a call and my test for syphilis came back negative but my test for hiv had to be sent off for further testing so I'm ready to accept the fact that I may indeed be pos. It's not what I want to hear, but the only thing I can do now is get on meds and progress forward. It'll be weird for a while but just like anything in life that throws us a curve ball I'll bounce right back but I promise to not let this define who I am because I took a chance on someone that I thought I would spend my life with but wasn't fully honest with me


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