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Hi there, newbie here and do not know who else to turn to. 2


Hi there, newbie here and do not know who else to turn to. 2 weeks ago my husband was tested hiv+ I was also tested immediately and am negative. so much going through my mind. He is in hospital for kidney failure and on dialysis and I do not have the courage to ask him what I need to ask him. We have a 13 year old daughter whom we have not told as yet. it comes down to this.... I am so scared and lonely. I go and visit at the hospital but at the same time I am angry. Who can I talk to about this?

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Feb 4

@Berny ......I don't even know if this is even appropriate or not,but caught our old post......and well,i m hoping you've been able to ascertain what you need to know and work through it! Bless you.


Hello there.. i am so sorry to hear abt your ordeal. I do not wish this for my worse enemy.. but i feel for you as i understand totaly what you are going through. Right now! Is the time you need your husband the most. Stick by him n do not forsake him. No matter what. This virus should not be the end of your beutiful life together. Support him love him n be there for him. Learn abt this HIV condition. And know. That you are not the only couple going thru this. There thousands of couples going same situation right now. Best is to speak abt it with your spouse. And keep it between your selves. Do not advertise nor tell people who its not concerning them. That way. You will avoid the STIGMA. and manage to live a normal life. Believe me. When i tell you this. As 2yrs ago. I was diagnosed poz. And i thought its the end of my life. I went thru all the cyle.. confusion.. severe depression... and so on. But i picked my self up and realised. I am stigmatizing myself so i stopped n accepted my situation. Most important is i went on meds.. stuck on my meds.. and learned everything hiv. I wish you all the best.. and am here if you want to talk

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Feb 21

@Berny Sorry it has been so long, but how is everything?


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