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I was diagnosed with hiv about a month ago. I’m married an


I was diagnosed with hiv about a month ago. I’m married and know I haven’t given it to my wife as the “indiscretion” I had was about three years ago and I haven’t been intimate with my wife for about 8 years. I have been alone on this for the last month and have only talked with social workers and doctors as I’ve gone through the testing period and blood drawing process. Today I told my wife..... I don’t know what will happen to “us” but this is a secret I couldn’t keep. I hope we have a strong enough relationship to endure this. Only time will tell. She says she doesn’t hate me but is confused and needs time to process. Has anyone else gone through this with a spouse?

Apr 16

God bless. Unfortunately, this was a consequence of your indiscretion. Now you live with it. It's no longer a "Death sentence" so hope you will get the proper medication. Though we are not all Magic Johnson with millions and can afford the best meds.

You haven't been intimate with your wife in 8 years and she still stayed. I assume she knew about your affair. If she still stayed after all this - and no sex for 8 years - it sounds like you too might be really good friends. This changes your life and hers. If you are strong enough to stay together, then your journey now takes a new path.

God bless. I don't wish HIV on anyone, not even an enemy.

Apr 16

Thanks for your response. She did not know about the indiscretion. We had a great talk this evening. She indicated that she wants to go to counseling together which I’m more than happy to do..... we have a lot to fix in our marriage and we are both committed to it. She let me hug her tonight and told me she loves me. I’m so lucky to have her and we have a long road ahead on many fronts.

Apr 17

Hey friend, Thanks for sharing here! This is serious indeed but something that you can deal with! I am glad to see that you are getting grace from your wife. Take this opportunity to see a counselor and work on finding ways to restore your life and relationship. You do have a long road ahead of you but with someone next to you it is a lot easier. Please let me know if you need help finding someone to talk to and attend counseling. I pray that you find the comfort and support that you need in this moment of your life to move forward!


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