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Why don’t we ever talk about how close they are coming to


Why don’t we ever talk about how close they are coming to finding a cure for this virus is there a website that talks about these types of things?

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Dec 5

Amen to EnKing!
yep, why bother? yes there is a lot of research going on, but so many are hampered by insufficient funds, bureaucratic baloney etc. so we try to stress living for the HERE AND NOW and not wish and dream for something which may not happen in your lifetime. guaranteed NOT IN MY LIFETIME!

Dec 6

I do agree that the pharmaceutical companies are making a lot of money but by us having the conversation also lets us know that the conversations is still on the table and at lease The conversation may come up as to who we should we be reaching out to as for our legislatures the people that are supposed to be representing us. To sit back and read story after story oh someone that has contracted this virus and do nothing is also depressing. I much rather have a conversation talking about what we can do then telling someone that I feel sorry for them, knowing that is not going to help their Situation any.

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Dec 6

@Support56 if you are looking for some hope you can check out this link which is from this year....a group of veterinary students were given a grant of about 1.7 million to study both HSV 1 and HSV 2


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