Where do I begin? Guess you can say I'm confused and don't u

Where do I begin? Guess you can say I'm confused and don't understand a lot about what's happening right now. After being married for 27 years I found out my husband was cheating. After finding out that he had been sleeping with someone else, I went and got tested for everything under the sun. To my dismay, I came back with a positive result for HSV2. I immediately was angrier than before but of course my doctor said I didn't necessarily get it from him, the test just showed I was in contact with it at some point in my life but I knew it had to be him. He went and got tested and my world was turned upside down again because he was negative. I cried to my doctor, not believing the results and had her to re-do them, same result. I wanted to know why he never got it in all these years that we've been married. Everything I read does not relate to my circumstance. Never had any breakouts. Now I'm just feeling sad, alone, confused, dirty, betrayed among other random thoughts and feelings. I don't know where to turn. My doctor has upped my depression medicine 3 times. I'm so lost and confused.

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Jan 14

@Lost1967 If I have helped any you are welcome! Every one gets overwhelmed sometimes. When things seem overwhelming I think of the poem Footprints, and something I heard as a kid about something people have described as smaller than average, nothing spectacular compared to others like it and surrounded by darkness. That thing they described was the sun and a good reminder to keep shining like a star no matter how people may think of you. Not an exact quote but it helps me keep things in a better perspective. :-)

10 hours ago

@JayRob40 my doctor told me the same thing. The only truth I know is that he is the only one I’ve been intimate with in 28 years. When he told the doctor the reason he needed to be tested was because I tested positive he told me that the doctor said to him “I’m not calling your wife a liar but...” He may have just said that to make me feel even less like a person. He’s narcissistic that way. But I’m just taking one day at a time and trying to look towards the future in some way. My children and granddaughter keeps me from going over the edge.

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7 hours ago

i'm a bit concerned and just to be sure, hopefully you have weighed all the Pros and Cons in all your 28 yrs of marriage and hopefully you're not throwing away your history just because of HSV! 28 yrs of marriage speaks volumes!


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