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When I contracted hsv I was in a sticky situation with two g


When I contracted hsv I was in a sticky situation with two guys and the one really loves me but is scared to touch me basically I told him I take my medicine and everything and that we can still have sex and be safe and protect him I don’t know what else to tell him please help ☹️

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Oct 8

ALWAYS tell him there will ALWAYS be a chance of passing it... NEVER stress %'s in the case that your partner may just be the **unlucky statistic**. to say you can have "Safe Sex and be SAFE" is a ^^^Not True^^^^...

bottom line, you two are mature adults and should handle the situation that way by being up front and honest about everything.

download the free book pinned at the top and BOTH OF YOU READ AND STUDY IT TOGETHER!

Oct 9

I think it sounds like a red flag if he says he's really in love with you but won't touch you. If you really loved someone, would an HSV-2 diagnosis keep you from being with them? Give him all the information you can, I think it sounds like he's caught up in the stigma.

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Oct 9

i gotta agree with Thriving1787. if they truly love you, they will love "All Of You" **UNCONDITIONALLY**.

it's what happened to me 21 yrs ago... my partner knew and still "Till Death Do We Part"!
think about it...


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