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Today I've been doing a little digging through scientific st

Today I've been doing a little digging through scientific studies and papers and came across something VERY interesting. I'm pretty sure you'd all like to have a read of this:

Basically it seems the Anti-VZV (shingles Vaccine) has been working against both HSV1 and HSV2! Of all the people who took part in the study all patients exhibited no further outbreaks! I'm definitely going to be having a word with my doctor regarding this and trying to get hold of the vaccine :)

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Dec 6

Did you find out

Dec 7

Let me know how this goes

Dec 10

Hi @GMIX112 Just wondering if you'd been able to discuss this one with your doc. I've had it for over 3 years now and even passed to my partner when we first started seeing each other. We've recently split and I feel like I've been diagnosed all over again, I don't know how to deal with this by myself. I would do almost anything to get rid of this!


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