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Today, I could not laughing. A while back, a man told me he

Today, I could not laughing. A while back, a man told me he wouldn't kiss me because my genitalia herpes , will spread to him through my mucus. And at first I was offended and angry, I thought where would someone read this off? Was it true? I mean, I've lots of articles, talked to both my family physician and my gynecologist about it and soon I'll be talking to my therapist. None of the information I adsorbed said that it works that way, I know it's through skin to skin contact, but I'm sure it's only in the affected areas. And I know you can spread it even when you are currently not going through a breakout. Here's my question: since my outbreak is mainly towards the bottom of my private area and closer to my anus, does that mean I can spread it to my partner through a simple peck on the cheek, regardless of having a break out or not?

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Jul 20

unless by cheek, you mean "Butt Cheek", then nope! we have all the info you need to know pinned at the top here!

just in case, here it is:


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