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To the newcomers on here. This is what I have on my profile

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To the newcomers on here, welcome to our group. Here are some helpful tips, links, and products. Just know that everyone is different so find what works for you :) I will try to add more info/tips as I can and will also try to be adding suggestions from fellow supporters. So please share your tips friends!! Also dont forget to check out the helpful links at the bottom :)

Helpful Tips(mostly genital HSV):

-Cornstarch can be used to help soothe/dry the area.

-Try cooling the area. Apply ice to the sores. If you make tea, place the used tea bags in the freezer to apply to the sores later. (black tea is commonly used)

-Try drying the area with a blow dryer on cool, or just let the area air out

-For painful urination try diluting your urine by pouring water on yourself while releasing your pee or if you can sit in a shallow tub, release in there. If you don't have access to a tub, you may also urinate in a sitz bath. You can also try catching the urine in a container to reduce the chance of irritating the blisters/sores

-Epsom salts, can be used in a warm bath for those with genital herpes and can help soothe and control itching and inflammation

-Coconut Oil...

-Lots of water, loose clothing, rest, stress management…

-Reduce the amount of foods that are high in the amino acid arginine or that can increase the production of it.

-Eat Lysine-rich foods, including most vegetables, legumes, fish, turkey and chicken.

Helpful products:

-Dermoplast(blue can)- Pain relieving spray

-Lanacane - some swear by it while others say that it burns...

-Baby wipes- Help clean the area

-Super Lysine Plus Cold Sore Ointment

Below are some supplements/vitamins that can help your immune system or fight HSV.

Supplements such as L-Lysine, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc, Garlic, Red Marine Algae, Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf, Astragalus...

Essential oils such as Melissa Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Oregano...

Lemon Balm(Melissa Officinalis) can also be bought as an ointment.

A healthy diet and probiotics can also help strengthen your immune system

Helpful links



TIPS ON PREVENTING herpes through diet and lifestyle:


Getting ready for THE TALK:


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Mar 22

Lanacane spray for genitalia herpes or cold sores?

Mar 22

Thank you so much for posting this!!!!

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Nov 21

if you look at the date, Dark_Phoenix has long since gone. i still keep in touch with her,but she has long advanced to a better place. you YOU will too!


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