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The more I read on here the more my mind is blown... everyon


The more I read on here the more my mind is blown... everyone has a different primary OB experience (with the common factor being the pain), everyone has different things that trigger their OBs, and the frequency of OBs varies from person to person. I just want everyone to know that while I’m sure not one single person wanted this to happen to them, it has made ALL of us way stronger, braver, more resilient, and more accepting of others. Remind yourselves that.

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Mar 14


When did the burning stop and how long until you had sores when the burning started @ imsad100

Mar 15

@Phillyking1231 I'm a women so I felt it on and off inside almost. It was weird. The burning was first... It kind of feels like heart burn down there. Well thats how it felt for me. Probably like two days after intercourse I was feeling burning, one day later I started feeling like itchy, and then the next day sores arrived. Then I noticed something was really wrong.

Mar 15

@Phillyking1231 Also, burning sensation was probably the first feeling I felt. I have hsv-1 sores on my face sometimes so I know how those type of coldsores feel. The sores I had down there were like the cold sores I was feeling on my face. So I kind of knew it was herpes after that because when she swabbed.. it felt like a cold sore. That's when I knew.


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