The end of this month will make a year since I noticed my fi


The end of this month will make a year since I noticed my first outbreak and next month a year since I was diagnosed with type 1 and 2... currently still have frequent outbreaks while taking the daily medication... I still have a hard time everytime I have an outbreak I catch myself break down or in a dark spot and I don’t come out until the outbreak is over... I just really have a hard time accepting this... I feel like I was so free before this now I’m on a limited chain...

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Jan 25

@JayRob40 I completely understand how you feel. I do want to find someone but the thought of putting someone what I've been through will just not sit well with me. Its been a few months and dating hasn't been on my mind a lot. I just focus on myself. you sound like a good person and God will put the right person in your life.

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Jan 25

when the time is right and you meet that person, you two will become a pair to which decision will be made **JOINTLY**. the ebb 'n flow of the two will be done with respect for each other and you will abide by the joint decision respectfully.

i have HSV2 gen for 36 yrs now and that's what happened to me while dating and now being married, decisions are made "Jointly" with respect to the other.

you may want to reconsider...

Jan 26

@skyjuice Thank you. It is always nice to see someone who understands and shares my perspective. I have have learned to look at some things like the refrain “I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow.” I still gotta go to work and pay the bills but even at work I usually get to see His “love letters in the sky” if you have heard that song. Thanks again. :)


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