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The day after Halloween I woke up sore all over my body the


The day after Halloween I woke up sore all over my body the next 3 days I had flu like symptoms and pain in my genitals I have experienced tearing and such before due to rough intercourses and thought that was it I was at a friends house so I didn’t have the normal mirror I keep in my room to check on things like that. When I got home after the weekend I was in so much pain and my flu symptoms weren’t getting any better. When I looked at me labia in my mirror that day expecting stretch mark like tears I found round sores instead. I have an appointment tomorrow to get it checked out and get a professional diagnosis but from my symptoms all signs point to hsv2 I’m 19 years old and I am distraught. What am I supposed to do. This will completely alter my life and my actions forever. I pride myself in being honest with everyone about everything but I don’t know how to face this hurdle how am I supposed to tell my parents or my peers how am I supposed to have partners. What about my big white wedding I’ve been dreaming of since childhood. How will anyone ever love me how can anyone look past my actions and this disease I’m terrified I want to curl into a ball and cry for the next week.

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Nov 9

@Thatswtf honestly not great. i’m out of the country from where i live right now, traveling with two friends and they’re really supportive but it’s hard to understand if you don’t have it, you know? i’m in a lot of pain and discomfort constantly and i can’t get a doctors appointment for a few days. any home remedies are welcome! just thankful i found this page - it’s making me feel a lot less alone

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Nov 9
Nov 9

@t46789 yeah I feel you! It’s a process that takes time I’m still not good either it’s been hard! Talking helps! If you ever wanna talk about it and vent message me!


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