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Soooo... I just woke up from a night sweat, and I’m scare

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Soooo... I just woke up from a night sweat, and I’m scared. Not ever had one, felt like I just ran a couple miles and was super wet. Is this normal? I tested negative for everything all stds except hsv type 1. I’m a little worried, please tell me I’m over thinking things..

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Jun 11

I’m on day 4 if finding out having the virus. And is sweat contagious? I’m still trying to accept this and keep moving forward with my son and boyfriend.

Jun 13

Hey, I recommend you not stress out. I’ve gone through a dilemma that has gotten me to research all things herpes, so therefore I’m no professional nor do I have experience . Hsv1 is very contagious, especially if they haven’t had the virus in the past (not having the antibodies for that) although that won’t give them nothing but a cold sore, as for your boyfriend you might want to be more protective eat healthy and up your vitamin c, when it comes to being sexual. As he could contract it, unless he already has a cold sore or has been exposed to it in the past. Again I’m no medical professional you might want to consult your doctor, for further medications to subside any sores, or potentially avoid them. Let me know how your doing! :)

Jun 14

@Bai_19 We all need to learn more, share all. I have shingles, the chickenpox virus, VZV, HHV-3. Supposedly I'm only contagious when my sores are active and oozing. But I also have cats, my own domestics plus some ferals and often have bloody open wounds on my arms and legs. So I have to wonder if the virus may be transmitted thru blood also. It's a virus. Sweat? It's a body fluid. You're most correct to wonder. Perhaps your research will benefit the world. Thanks for asking.


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