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So the first time this has happened to me since being diagno


So the first time this has happened to me since being diagnosed. Went to the movies with friends and saw a preview for another movie joking about herpes. Only one person out of the 4 that were there know about it and after it was joked about on the screen my back just got so hot, like I felt all eyes were on me. So I looked at my bestfriend and she just smiled and me and grabbed my hand. I felt such a sense of comfort. I didn’t let it ruin my movie or the time i hung out with my friends.
YOU GUYS! HSV is not something to think your life is over. I most definitely wish I didn’t have it, but it’s molding me into a different person and I’ve been loving it. Never give up hope my friends. This is just a skin condition. I’m always here if anyone needs to vent.

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Aug 9

that is really cool, and thank you so much for this!


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