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So I've been talking to a guy for a month now. I reeeeeeally

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So I've been talking to a guy for a month now. I reeeeeeally like him and he seems to like me. I'm terrified of telling him about my condition :( We've almost got sexual a couple times but I stopped him and said I wasn't ready. Thankfully, he is a gentleman and has been respectful. I feel like I'm just buying time...idk. Is it pointless trying to date?? Because it sure feels like it.

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Jul 10

@notsohappygirl so did you end up telling him? If so how did he take that? Just curious because i am in a very similar spot right now and I feel like I should just tell him. I feel like at this point it's been about a month an half he has gotten to know me and I just feel like whether he decides to accept me or not it probably won't change dragging it out any longer. Any input would be great. Sorry to hear things didn't work out for other reasons.

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Jul 10
Jul 11



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