So I'm surviving my first outbreak. I still don't have my te

So I'm surviving my first outbreak. I still don't have my test results. I had been holding on to a small sliver of hope since the doctor had said it wasn't manifesting like genital herpes normally does. I had 3 sores, they're almost completely closed and they never hurt unless I was cleaning them. I started having flu like symptoms after they killed my system with a gram of rocephin and azythromycin. And I've felt like death ever since. I can't sleep at night because of the constant fluctuations in my temp and the body aches. I started the acyclovir today out of defeat and finally accepting the fact that I have it. I'm really hurt... I've always kept up with regular std testing. I have a paper trail on being hsv negative... I hadn't been with anyone since my last test until him.... the day I told him I found something he told me he needed to find himself... and he said he didn't have anything and it couldn't be from him.... cool right?

Please tell me the flu symptoms don't come with each outbreak... I knew better than to trust someone...

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Aug 12

I feel your pain, @Mirrorandthemask. It sucks, there's no way around that reality you're feeling. Just one thing you should KNOW though.... it gets better! Cliché I know but it's true. You sound like a smart, rational person, be kind to yourself and take it a day at a time. The group's here for you!

Aug 13

@lisa yea they tested for both 1&2. They sent it to an out of state lab. I had just moved to the area and went to an ER, my doc was very knowledgeable on this particular subject and even sent me home with learning materials. I'll find out tomorrow if it's hsv 1 or hsv 2. I highly doubt I will get a miracle phone call saying I'm negative. That's not how life works lol

Aug 13


Thank you for the encouragement, I know it'll feel less dismal with time. Just frustrating when I'm already seeing small changes in how people who know treat me. But I get it, herpes is a life long commitment lol

I'm still in the worlds ending stage, I'll be fine though.


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