So I'm a newbie to this page. I've been trying to find ways


So I'm a newbie to this page. I've been trying to find ways to talk about what's been going on and it's very hard. I'm a sophomore in college, 19, and I was diagnosed in June and it really hasn't gotten easier. I'm afraid to do certain things now. Definitely afraid to get to know any guys. I don't know how to get close to anyone now because I'm afraid they will leave me for something I never expected to happen to me. I'm fairly certain that I got the GHSV-1 from something that was very unwanted, and now i have to remember it for the rest of my life. I truly just don't know how to be happy anymore knowing that I will always be burdened by having herpes.

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Aug 13

@glittergoddess how did you tell him? What precautions did you use? I'm so frustrated cause I can't have sex with the guy I'm dating... and Idk if I should even tell him or stop seeing him :(

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Aug 13

@krystalk1293 The most recent disclosure I sat him down and was like "Hear me out for a few minutes. I have HSV and I've known about it for six months now. I'm on suppressive therapy which reduces my chances of transmission, plus the use of a condom, and the fact that I'm not actively having an outbreak all will reduce the chance of transmission to around 1% which means theres a 99% chance you probably won't get infected, but I care about you and you have a right to this information. The choice is yours and I respect your decisions. About 60% of adults have HSV (American) but most don't show symptoms so they live their whole life unaware." Then I opened it up to him to ask me any questions he had. Just be confident and know your herpes facts :) basically you gotta package it and sell it lol

Aug 13

@krystalk1293 you must absolutely tell him if you're going to be having sex with him but please do not run away through the fear of rejection because you don't know his own situation or how he views it


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