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So I just found out yesterday that I have HSV 1 down there.

So I just found out yesterday that I have HSV 1 down there. I’m completely heart broken. Looking for some friends and supporters to keep in contact with since I haven’t told anyone yet. Since finding out I have been crying non stop and stressed to the max. I think I’m having my second outbreak. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

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Jun 20

This happened to me yesterday too.. I actually threw up last night from anxiety and stress about it. But I have to keep in mind that this is just a skin disease. My life isn’t over and we will all be okay!

Jun 20

If Hsv were not contagious I wouldn’t even care about having it it’s just the risk of spreading it that taunts me. If they made something that would cause it not to spread I would be happy. I don’t want to put any through what I’ve been through I’m not a selfish person

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Jun 20

You’re not alone! If you need someone to talk to we are all here! I’m two weeks in finding out and just know that you are still you and this does not define you!


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