So I just found out that I have hsv2. And to make matters wo

So I just found out that I have hsv2. And to make matters worst is that it has been in my system for more than two years according to test results. I have never had a break out or any kind of symptoms. I am absolutely shocked. As if not having Bi-Polar, depression, anxiety, epilepsy,being over weight and self-conscious wasn't bad enough. Lets throw in some herpes for the hell of it!!! So know I really feel like my life is over.

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Nov 14

The only other person I have told is the man I have been dating. And of course I expected him to react in the worst way. He was actually very understanding and accepting. And we are still dating as of now. And hoping to move forward in the future.

Nov 14

How did you find out you’d had it for 2 years ?

Nov 20

It wasn't thru a medical test. I started seeing my husband and after we became intimate, after a little while I started feeling something wasn't right in my private area internally. I thought I had a yeast infection, even bought medicine for it. When I inserted the medicine, it hurt like blazes. I didn't see a doctor. I remember telling him that something didn't seem right. He said his ex wife had given him genital warts, but that obviously was some time ago. After a very long while (1 to 2 years) I had a horrible breakout. Doctor did a test and I was horrified when I found out it was herpes. Since I have discovered that herpes can be mistaken for many other things. It doesn't always have the same effect or appearance. Even after I knew I had it, I have mistaken it for other things like one time hemorrhoids. It does get better over time; the breakouts are less frequent and easier to manage. You have to educate yourself and find a med routine that works for you. I don't take the pills. I just use the acyclovir cream when I have a breakout. That works for me.

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