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So i have had hsv on my genitals for the past 2 years ive co


So i have had hsv on my genitals for the past 2 years ive come to terms with it.
Over this past weekend ive suddenly got some tingling/burning on my upper lip. I was wondering could i get a blister on my upper lip even though that has never happened to me before.

I havent had any new partners and im very careful to wash my hands if i ever touch a sore

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Jun 10

@a_survivor So how will i know if it is herpes on my lips? It seems like there could be something forming on my lip but i cant really tell dont know if ive been staring for so long and imagining something there. I also have a baby and i really dont want to pass it onto her so right now im so confused.

I was always assured in the fact that because it was in my genitals i wont pass it onto her. And now i actually run the risk of doing so

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Jun 10

you won't know for sure unless you have it swab tested or it matures into a blister/cluster of blisters, or becomes obvious.

please use caution and do not kiss the baby directly for now. you can kiss like actresses who don't want to mess up their makeup. non physical kissing to be cautious, but HUGE HUGS work.

if it were ONLY on your genitals, then chances are slim unless skin to skin contact occurs or you transfer it from touching a shedding area and inadvertently touch the child.

Jun 12

I have genital HSV2 and I also get the tingles on my lip. But I haven’t gotten any cold sores or anything. It could just be a symptom. You sound like you take a lot of preventative measures so the chances of you spreading it to yourself are possible but very slim.


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