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So I️ was prescribed Valacyclovir pills, but that takes a

So I️ was prescribed Valacyclovir pills, but that takes a little time to start working. What can I do for the discomfort? I’ve never been in so much pain before.

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May 15

@advicewelcome1 I️ wish! I’m walking around like a penguin so it won’t rub so much. :( I️ pray this doesn’t last long because it’s unbearable. I️ tried it in the tub and trying to spread is just as painful as peeing but it did help a little.

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May 15

@tigger123 - I use lemon balm - it helps me with my sore - eases pain and seems to heal faster? got it on amazon after reading several people using it for hsv1 and 2.

May 15

I take warm baths, and wear cotton underwear. I’ve tried some home remedies for the pain and outbreaks. One thing I do is I apply apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball and then just rub it on the sores (works if they are outside) I let it sit for like 10 minutes and then rinse, seems to help me a lot!


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