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So how would you guys go about telling someone you like like


So how would you guys go about telling someone you like like?

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Aug 14

for me, i always stress to "Know Yourself and you Body's Signs". by knowing the symptoms of an onset, along with doing as you stated, you've done just about all you an do. in my 34yrs of HSV, i have never passed it to my dates. my spouse did acquire it eventually, but that was due to us being freshly married and could care less what happened! yes, i did feel bad about it, but at this point, neither one of us cares and we're so much more focused on **Larger Issues*** EG: Old Age!

my dead give-a-way is "FATIGUE"!!

Aug 14

@jewantme somehow I only seem to come across the ones that don't have it. sigh

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Aug 15

@sigh111 : Me too, but deep in my core I am trying to hang onto the truth that there's someone out there for me that will accept everything the good and the bad and truly WANT to be with me and this won't be an issue. Somehow that keeps me going back into the dating pool and going on more dates.


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