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Saw a dermatologist for a reoccurring rash on my spine of my

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Saw a dermatologist for a reoccurring rash on my spine of my low back. It comes and goes a few times a year. It was not present for my visit to the doctor. Just based on telling the dr my symptoms she said I have herpes. Shouldnt I get a swab test or something to confirm? I even brought pictures of it and the dr did not look at them. Of course now when the nurses came back in the room to check me out I was getting crappy looks. B.S.

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Aug 4

just to be safe for you and your wife, next time you have a OB, go to planned parenthood get swabbed.
always error on being safe. type 1 is contagious and can be transferred to different parts of the body. it's called "Herpes Autoinoculation".

also; much like Herpes Gladiatorum (wrestlers herpes) skin to skin contact will cause a transfer to another person.

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Aug 4

What are you talking about when you say "get swabbed". Both herpes 1 and 2 are confirmed through a blood test. Please explain?

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Aug 4


Culture swab PCR detects the VIRUS found at the site of the outbreak so should be done only in the presence of an outbreak.
If the lesion is old and has started to crust over, there may not be enough viral DNA to trigger a positive test result.
A positive culture swab is the MOST DEFINITIVE positive HSV test result, as it detects the presence of the actual virus. On the flip side, waiting even one day too long can result in a negative test result, even though the person has HSV and an active herpes outbreak. Unlike with an IgG blood test, there is no waiting period when testing a lesion for an accurate result.


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