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Question for the ladies - does it ever go back to feeling no

Question for the ladies - does it ever go back to feeling normal down there? It’s been a month since I first got diagnosed and it hasn’t gone back to feeling normal yet. Itching, redness, irritation, weird discharge (sorry tmi ha). Should I be concerned? I’m taking suppressants everyday and had another ob last weekend after my first one.

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Jun 19

@JP2017 I’m sorry to hear that, I hope one day it all settles for you. It drives me insane too, so at least we’re not alone!

Jun 19

@I_HAVE_H haha funny that it’s a New Zealand site cus that’s where I’m from. Thanks so much for linking that to me as it has some good info!

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Jun 20

To all,
Just to throw this out there. When I have any OB's I used a feminine product call Vagisil (the wash one) It does stop any itching, pain etc, associated with my HSV2. Again, I know everyone is different but I wanted to let you guys know what I use. I guess since the female PH is higher, the product works good for me (Male). For all of you guys in here good luck and I am here to help any with the best of my abilities.


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