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Please help me you guys! I’m in so much pain physically an

Please help me you guys! I’m in so much pain physically and mentally.

Backstory: I feel so defeated...About two years ago, I was diagnosed with genital herpes. I had only been unprotected with two guys and one of them definitely gave me chlamydia in my anus so I found out I had two stds at the same time. After that, I used condoms every time I had sex with anyone which I only had sex with maybe two or three other people after that (being generous). I haven’t had sex since last July and now (almost a year later) I’m having my first hpv outbreak of genital warts. What the hell did I do to deserve this? I stayed protected and was taking my valtrex like I was supposed to. I protected myself and other people! How did I end with another std??? I mean, I know I’m susceptible to more stds after my first one but I never had sex during an outbreak, I took my medication as needed, I always wore a condom, what more could I have done??

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Jun 14


life has found you headed in a direction that needs to change... you don't see it now, but you will much later in your journey.

that being said, try to be positive and look forward with eyes wide open for a new found valuable lesson to be learned...

it's what happened to me 33 yrs ago... things happen for a reason... i am now married for 20 yrs w/HSV2 gen and still learning the ways of this life long journey...


your feelings are normal at this stage of your journey... we've all been there... try to keep your head up (even though its hard ) and try to look forward to your next positive adventure.

it took me a few years although many here have advanced much faster.

Hang Tuff! it will turn... ya gotta just trust me here...
here's something to ponder:

having HSV will teach you to live a healthier lifestyle and make different choices in your life. all for the better too! living a cautious and careful sexual life, taking better care of yourself, getting to know what your body is trying to tell you, are all POSITIVE attributes!

so, if your b/o's keep coming back, you must ask yourself "Why"?? get plenty of rest, *try* not to stress, eat healthier and if need be, ask your MD for an Rx, EG acyclovir, valtrex, famvir or whatever.

In closing remember, Rx's are "supplements" for your own bodies immune system. a good strong immune system is your #1 best defense and sometimes the ol' body needs some help as well therefore, take your meds as recommended by your MD.

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