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Ok so here's something that's been on my mind since the week

Ok so here's something that's been on my mind since the weekend. Saw a guy I slept with in summer of 2015 & again last April. He wanted my number to catch up again n I just said is txt him. Of course not now! Cos he just wants a hook up. But I'm thinking should I tell him? I found out end of November & it's really playing on my mind cos I'm so morally bloody forth right about doing the right thing. In this case I'd have to expose myself to let him know & see if he's prepared to be tested. Not cos I think he gave it to me just cos I thought it's the right thing to do. Would you bother? Or just keep walking?

aries_toumz's picture
Jan 11, 2017

I would recommend you ask to get him tested , only because this is something that can be severe later on down the track. its your right , he could be passing it around to others without you knowing , i think its best to let him know

Jan 11, 2017

Yeh I'm thinking if he does have it he doesn't know he does. Mind you apparently most ppl think if you don't have an outbreak you're not contagious either, which is not the case. I'll think about it. Thanks for replying :-)


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