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Not sure how crazy this will sound but here we go... My bes


Not sure how crazy this will sound but here we go...
My best friend convinced me to see a psychic with her when I went to visit her last month. The psychic told me:

1. I will get a new job (in a completely different career field) within the next 6 months
2. I have never had real love in my life, and I have not yet met the person I'm supposed to be with...but once I change jobs, I'm going to have a new network of people around me and I'm somehow going to meet the person through that network.

I FREAKED OUT. Mostly because I love my job. But also because there was someone in my life already I really wanted to date. And now I had this psychic's voice in my head saying he wasn't right for me - so why would I risk giving him herpes if I already knew he wasn't right?

Fast forward a few weeks...and I'm feeling completely different. As much as I was against everything the psychic told me, I am now hoping and praying that she was right. Because I've been rejected again. And it hurts. And I will never know if it was because of the herpes or if he was just never as interested in me as it seemed. If it was the herpes...or if it was me. That made him not want to stick around.

I don't know if it's just because she put the idea in my head or not, but I'm also suddenly feeling dissatisfaction in my job. Not just with the commute which is my usual issue but with almost everything about it. Already started applying to new jobs. And so now I don't know if this is a self-fulfilling prophecy or if this was my destiny all along but I feel like I am on the brink of massive change. And it feels good but scary. And I want all of this to happen for one reason. I really want to find love. I really want to find that person. So I really, really want this psychic to be right.

But I am so impatient now. I want it all to happen right away. I am driving myself crazy.

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a_survivor's picture
Sep 11

stop driving yourself insane!
live your life for today the best you can and let your journey unravel as its supposed to. your journey will be what it is whether think so or not.
p/s: i will delete your duplicate post.


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