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Needing some advice or affirmation of my feelings. Recently


Needing some advice or affirmation of my feelings. Recently reconnected with my toxic ex that gave me hsv2. It's been about 8 months, I've been thru hell and back with my emotions and this virus. But I'm feeling so much better. Karma served him up a broken heart with the girlfriend after me, he came to me because he knows I'm a good person and he apologized. I do see some good changes in him. We have slept together once and I insisted on a condom. He hates them to the point I'm sure he didn't use them with his ex. I would also bet money he's slept with more than just one other person since we broke up. Well know he refuses to wear one and I refuse to have sex with him unprotected until he gets tested for everything. I even offered to do the same, he refuses and says I should just trust him. Am I off the mark to think he's acting like a scumbag? He already gave me an incurable std. I think I already see the writing on the wall. I love myself more than I care about him. I'm just frustrated he wants to be so careless.

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Nov 26

@missunderstood1997 you're right. He's a selfish sob and I'm better off. Have to remember what he is and not the lie he pretended to be. I


Yessss and even tho company is nice it’s better to be a live and know that you trust you and really got you ! Don’t let loneliness drive you down the wrong road

Jan 13

If he's toxic leave him alone. They can't change their personality


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