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My bf recently had an annual physical which he said he was

My bf recently had an annual physical which he said he was told he was HSV 2 positive. He told me it was apart of new patient labs. He said he had not known prior to this Dr visit. I’ve been dating him 2 months. I got tested and came back negative. I know I should probably get retested again since the Igg antibodies don’t show until 12-16 weeks after exposure. My issue is that I’m having trouble believing he didn’t know he had it and I also know that is not a normal lab to draw at an annual physical exam. So I called his PCP office and asked if that is common practice for the Dr to order. They said no. So now I’m stuck with what to do? I love being with him but I don’t think I can continue this relationship if he lied to me about not knowing he had herpes prior to having unprotected sex with me. Please any advice since I feel like I can’t talk to any of my friends or family about this.

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Nov 7

He definitely lied to you. Leave him alone for good.

a_survivor's picture
Nov 8

it is possible that he didn't know. and he did opt to ultimately tell you.

how about continuing the relationship PLATONICALLY without sex to let time pass and see how he ticks? if he declines, that will tell you that he only wants you for one thing.

T_ON_LINE's picture
Nov 8

Wow!...What if he did not knew what he had and went to the Dr and found there and then. The person who I got the skin condition from, had no idea and we were intimate for a long time. In the scenario above, I give credit to the Bf because he told her after he found out. And yes, is better to be honest from the start.


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