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Me again, I am due for my period today or tomorrow, but am s

Me again, I am due for my period today or tomorrow, but am still going through my first outbreak, will this affect my outbreak by worsening it??, does anybody have any suggestions/advice??

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Apr 14

everyone's body will react slightly differently... your mileage will vary....

Apr 14

I use Neosporin ointment. It seems to help it heal faster and helps with pain.

Apr 15

I think everybody reacts differently but for me personally being on your period and having an outbreak made it so much worse, it's only happened to me once but it was the most painful outbreak i've had by far. But again you may not experience this at all but some things that could help is taking antivirals, using tampons instead of pads to keep the area dry and less irritated, maybe take some pain reliever medicine, and just give it time, it will pass soon and will be all good again, especially if you take antiviral meds. Hope everything goes ok!


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