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Male, had HSV2 for a little more than a year now and althoug


Male, had HSV2 for a little more than a year now and although I feel slightly more content with it, I'm also really hopeless that I will ever have the life that I want. I'm Icelandic and have lived in Iceland (population 300 thousand) my whole life. I don't know of any HSV community here ...my head is filled with worries about the future, and I was stressed before I got this. I couldn't bare giving this to anyone else...I feel completely trapped and that makes me really depressed...Can you relate to these feelings?

Jan 13

Once youve accepted that it is apart of who you are now you can begin to heal. Forgive who gave it to you. Forgive yourself . That equals freedom. Its tough it sucks but you will find someone who doesnt care. I got it at 18. Im now 28 with two kids and getting married. Keep hope! There is hope!

Mar 29

Thank you so much :)


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