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Last night I cried myself to sleep trying to accept the fact

Faith777's picture

Last night I cried myself to sleep trying to accept the fact of just finding out 2 weeks ago that I have HSV2. I try so hard to hold my tears in and go to sleep. When it's late at night and all is quiet, it hits me. How do ya'll get through those late nights?

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Jan 2

much like ordering a hot dog, they won't put any mustard or ketchup UNLESS YOU ASK... so you must ask for an igG test specific for herpes. they probably don't because nothing will happen to you with HSV vs all the other STD's...

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Jan 3

@Faith777 I am glad they came back negative! I am not sure! Just make sure you get tested for it. Atta go!! Gotta keep yourself stress free!

Faith777's picture
Jan 11

@Plantmom123 Thank you! I have my annual Pap Smear appointment next week so I am going to let them know to check specifically for HSV 2 which is what the outpatient clinic did... Testing for HSV and said very clearly I have HSV 2 not HSV 1. I really want a second test to be for sure. I have never been told I ever had HSV in my life.


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