Just when ithought my ob was over. I was feeling good , sore

Just when ithought my ob was over. I was feeling good , sores were visibly gone so I decided to have sex. It friggin hurrrted. On top of that we used a condom (a little too late for that) , I also used lube. Never used it prior to my diagnosis and that kinda jabbed at my self esteem. Guys are turned on by natural flow. It also boosts their ego in the process. Afterwards it kinda itched a bit and burned. I was so irritated that iwish icould dig in my vagina and find out what the issues is. Will a pap smear help me? How do you know ur ob is over or will sex always hurt? Im really worried about this. I also could've taken too much l-lysine. I kinda had "the shitties"aka diarrea (however you spell it) and in the midst of having a bowel movement , something "funny" happened in my anal area and my pelvis cramped terribly. It got worse and worse, I could hardly sit or walk at work. I popped pain meds right away. I felt like going to the er but couldn't afford to take off. It subsided within 45 mins to an hour. But now , it's kinda difficult to have a bowel movement. It doesn't just come out , I have to force it and ido so slowly. Now my anal area is simply uncomfortable. It's not terrible or unbearable in an y way but , it's making me worried. All of this a lot to deal with. Did anyone have issues with sex after? How long does this take bc I seriously need a strong orgasm. I've been going through such a tough time in all aspects of my life and I really want to have sex. I was prescribed 'Avli... something" to take everyday. I haven't picked them up yet but will this help heal my ob internally ?

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May 20, 2017

Cut down on law? What do you mean by that? Are you saying the medicine doesn't work for ob's? I haven't felt uncomfortably down there since taking my first dosage. And is sex normal for you now ? I don't want to depend on lube for the rest of my life or be in pain.

May 20

Meds do work yes but if your immune system is low you can still get an ob. Sex is ok i use lube still at times. Lube is no big deal really

Jun 5

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