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Just wanted to come on here and vent... been so crazy with w


Just wanted to come on here and vent... been so crazy with work lately can’t get away to check up on everyone. How’s everyone doing?!
The guy I disclosed to I’ve been seeing him the past couple months... having sex and always using condoms, well just a few nights ago we did it unprotected. He didn’t even think twice about using one, even after he just handed it to me and told me to put it In my drawer lol. We didn’t just do it once either, it was like 3 times and once in the morning. It’s like he didn’t really care about the risk? I’m okay with it as long as he is. I know he didn’t forget either because of the whole handing the the condom, I just can’t help but think in the back of my mind like what if he does contract it... I have hsv1 genital and I’ve done my research that it’s not as easily transmitted, but a part of me won’t stop thinking about it... I mean he KNOWS he did it, we are becoming serious. So I’m just kind of going with it.
Sorry this is super long, but other than that; no outbreaks aside from my initial one, everything’s been going very well for me.

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Oct 4

Well done, you found a good one!

Oct 10

Sounds like you found yourself a keeper. Glad things are working out for you. It's nice to see some positivity. Good luck wotj your new relationship


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