just found out that the girl I am having unprotected sex wit

just found out that the girl I am having unprotected sex with for past 1.5 months, tested positive for hsv1 and hsv2. She says she never had any ob's. I got tested 2 months ago and was clean. I am getting tested again. What is my chance of getting it? CDC site says that it can be transmitted even when there are no ob's.
Are there any sticky threads here that have a collection of accurate information?

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May 20

She doesn't know since when she has it. She got tested when we met and told me results came clean.. Apparently the clinic didn't include the hsv tests, as its been very common nowadays. I should have seen the results myself. When I saw, they only gave chlamydia and gonorrhea test. She got tested again for full panel. She says she never had any symptoms. If i got it, How long does it take for me to show any symptoms and what should I look for?

May 20

@suxtohavedis dude stop having sex with her and you both go in together and get tested for ghsv (gential herpes). You should ask your doctor how long it takes to have symptoms showing. It could vary though.

May 20

Condoms wont protect you. Its the boxer short area.


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