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Just found out I got HSV2 or genital Herpes... I feel like m

Just found out I got HSV2 or genital Herpes... I feel like my life is over, I haven’t had an outbreak or any sores or blisters yet... wondering if being on medication daily can prevent it. How do I tell my new partner about this ? We haven’t been intimate yet... I’m so broken by this news... I only found out because I always make sure my partner gets checked before we become intimate and I do the same ...

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Nov 15, 2017

It does get easier to handle and know we have all been through the same feelings. We are here to help. I found that educating mydelf helped a lot and so does talking with ppl jere in the group. Just remeber if you found out througj bloodtest and not had an outbreak you may not do many ppl dont expirence outbreaks and therefore dont know they even have especially if they dont het tested for hsv. And as the prev person stated her ob was a small pimple. It can present in different ways some ppl het a small rash small pimples or what looks like hair bumps and also of course the blisters amd lesions. And please remember if you have an ob tjat it is best to avoid sex during and for at least 7 days afyer it has cleared up. Making sure to take great care of your body your immune system needs to be strong. I take my valtrex daily multi viiams lysine and i eat healthy. Alao try to keep stress levels down as much as possible. We are all jere for you. Please remember having jsv does not determine the person we are. We are still the same ppl as before. Hsv is very common and as i stated before so many ppl dont evem know they jave it. Hsv testing isnt part of a standard std test unless requested and many ppl dont know to ask for it.

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Nov 15, 2017

@hopeful107 I thought I had a UTI as well and u had a cut on my private area and my doctor swapped it. Last Friday I saw another cut but it wasn't a bump it just looked like a small patch of skin was off. This Monday I got the call that it was type two herpes.

Nov 15, 2017

I feel for you. This was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my entire life...and I have a very strong pain tolerance. All of my symptoms/Outbread OB lasted about 10 days. I started reading a lot and trying to educate myself. I have cut out alcohol, as well as soda. I’m trying to work on what I eat and be healthier. I’m so scared of another OB so I’m doing whatever I can to proactively avoid another one. I got my call from the dr on Monday Nov 6th. Worst day of my life...I understand what your are going thru.


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